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Me and my Birkin
Me sitting next to my Birkin S3 at a Killarney Track-day

Mr Q Who?

Your car is most likely, the second biggest investment you will ever make – your house being the biggest. With that said, I look around our roads and find myself repeating 6 words over and over and over again….

What The Hell Were You Thinking?

People argue that there is no such thing as a ‘bad car’ any more, and depending on how you measure a good car, that may well be true, but if you are going to be spending your hard earned cash on something that is, as I said, the second most expensive thing you’re ever going to buy – shouldn’t you make sure that you are getting the best car you can get for your money?

I am the guy that all my friends call for advice when they are buying a car, because regardless of whether you LOVE driving like I do, or simply want something to get you from A to B… buying the right car for you can make a world of difference to how much you enjoy your purchase in the long run. I’m not saying I know everything, and I have certainly gotten it wrong a couple of times with some of the cars I’ve owned, but I would love to share my experiences of cars with others in the hope that it makes a difference to their buying patterns.

In fact I have friends who were never ‘keen drivers’ before – saying that they simply needed their car to get from here to there. Once I advised them to buy a different car from what they were going to get, that changed and some are now members of car-owners clubs and absolutely love their time behind the wheel.

You never know – maybe you are a car-guy or girl at heart – You’ve just been driving the wrong car!


So please read my articles, but remember, all of this is just one guy’s opinion – don’t take it too seriously.

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