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Buying your Dream Car:

For many people, buying a new car can be extremely stressful. What if you chose the wrong model? What if you buy something with reliability problems? What if it’s not safe?

Whilst we all have an idea of the kinds of cars that we like, not many people have expert knowledge on the subject and can easily end up buying a car that is either not suited to its purpose, or simply not enjoyable to drive. Given that a car is most likely the second most expensive “investment” you will ever make after your house, it makes sense that you should do your research before signing the Offer to Purchase.

Mr Q Consults offers 3 consulting packages to help make sure you get the car of your dreams and the best deal possible.

Hatchback Package:

The humble hatchback provides for all your basic transport needs without adding too many bells and whistles. Likewise our hatchback package is basic and gives you access to all the information you need, answers all your questions without giving you an info-overload!

The Hatchback Package Includes:

  • 1 Hour Consult Session with Mr Q
  • General Information pack with buying advice and what to look for guide to help spot stolen cars, scams or cars that have been in accidents.
  • Mr Q’s Test Drive Guide – How to properly test drive a car to see if everything is as it should be.
  • Fixed Price Package

Executive Saloon Package:

The Executive Saloon does everything your hatchback does, but with a little added performance, a little more class and a bit more luxury. Our executive Saloon package does just that, by giving you everything included in the Hatchback Pack PLUS:

  • Untimed consult session
  • Consult includes coffee/ drinks at a convenient location.
  • Creation of a shortlist of car models you should look at.
  • Model specific buyers guide for all the cars in your short-list.
  • Finding a number of examples of the cars on your wishlist currently being advertised, with pointers on deals, spec differences and specific information on what to check on each car.
  • Price Guides for shortlisted cars.
  • Fixed Price Package

Supercar Package:

Supercars are over the top and so is the Mr Q Consults Super Car Package. In this package you basically sit back and let us do everything for you. This package includes everything from the other 2 packages PLUS:

  • We will find and inspect a number of shortlisted cars for you.
  • We will take you on test drives in the best cars that we find that fit your criteria.
  • We will negotiate the best deal we possibly can with sellers and dealers.
  • Our contacts at dealerships mean that this package can potentially pay for itself in the fact that we can usually negotiate better deals.
  • We will handle transfer of ownership into your name.
  • Your new car will be delivered fully cleaned and polished – picture perfect for that first post on social media or to show your friends and family your shiny new wheels.
  • Sliding scale package price based on target car value.


In addition to any of our packages above, you can also add the following to your package, or even request one of the add-ons as a stand alone consultation.

  • Vehicle Inspection (2 inspections included with Supercar Package)
  • Additional Consult Sessions
  • OBD2 Diagnostics
  • Vehicle Valet
  • Scenic Location Photo Shoot

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