Mr Q 1st Jul 2021

Yes it is a little bit delayed, but the first actual car review video has gone live on my channel! Check it out below or on my YouTube Channel.

As I mentioned in the write-up of the last video, I learned a hell of a lot just by creating and uploading that video. I also learned a lot from you guys after posting that video because I had lots of tips sent my way on how to improve my videos. Unfortunately, this video was shot, long before any of those lessons were leaned. Subsequently I find this video to be a little frustrating because I honestly know I could have made it better.

The script also leaves something to be desired, but please stick with me, I am still learning and I am trying to improve as quickly as I can.

And yes this is a test of a small Korean hatchback, which is like petrol-head kryptonite, but after the introductory video I have been offered a few more interesting cars to go out and film with, so hopefully the next road tests you see will be of something a little more exciting!

I also asked in the video, but please remember to click the like button, subscribe or comment on the videos ON the YouTube platform. Youtube is governed by this ultra-complicated algorhythm that decides how well your channel is ranked, and one of the major factors is how much people interact with your content. So the more you guys interact on the channel, the better the channel will do in terms of organic growth.

Finally, a couple of people have asked me to just make mention of the equipment I’m using to shoot the videos. I decided long before starting the channel that I wasn’t going to spend a whole bunch of extra money on gear to make videos until I have proved the concept at least. So honestly, for the most part I have just been using what I had anyways.

  • Main Camera – Canon M50 with 18-45mm F3 EF-M Lens
  • Action Camera – Absolutely Ancient GoPro Hero and a GoPro Hero2
  • Lav Mic – Boya dual-head wired lav
  • Rode TRS – TRRS convertor
  • Studio Mic set-up (as seen in intro video)
    • Rode NT-2 Large Diaphragm Condenser
    • M-Audio 2 channel Mic Pre-Amp
    • Behringer Xenyx Mixing Console
  • Hand-held shots – Samsung Galaxy S10e cell phone camera
  • Various Ring and mini-flood LED lights
  • All Camera mounts are either standard GoPro mounts or fairly cheap no-name mounts I bought on TakeaLot – one advantage of the M50 is that it’s actually tiny, so you don’t need a super-strong mount to get a fairly stable shot.

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