Mr Q 14th Nov 2018
Me and my Birkin

OK I have been very quiet and both of you (Joke, I’m acutally up to 22 followers whoohooo!) are probably wondering what I have been up to that has kept me so busy that I couldn’t even spare the 12  minutes it probably takes me to nail one of these posts together. So I thought this might be a good time to skip over the car-focused posts I normally put out, and let everyone into my world to see exactly what has been going on in my life…. ok so it’s still pretty car-focused but anyways, here we go.

First of all, and this may come as a shock to some, it takes a considerable amount of time to write-, then edit and rewrite, then shorten and rewrite, then format, proof, and most likely rewrite- these posts. And secondly, I find myself in a strange new world that I am unfamiliar with. It is the world where Mr Q does not own a car. Between my company bakkie and my wife’s car I probably don’t NEED to have  a car, and in fact for the last couple of months I have survived perfectly well without one, using the beast (Isuzu KB320) to get to work, the El Camino project just to run around in and my wife’s car whenever aircon, working headlights or windscreen wipers were a requirement.

The curves in that bonnet will make you stare

That’s right. I have sold my Jag**, my unicorn cat is going on to live its life with a new owner somewhere in Johannesburg as far as I know. I absolutely loved that stupid car, and lets face it, a 380 horsepower, supercharged V8 510NM 4-door limo is a pretty stupid car, but it’s the stupidity of it that made it so awesome! It will be greatly missed!

However, whenever a garage door closes on one car, it opens to another! I now have the funds required to complete the non-running joke, white elephant that has been my Harper Type 6* project. A work in progress since September of 2012, the car was scheduled to be completed by 2015 at the latest. However, many economic factors (read ex-girlfriend and Zuma sending the economy into a tail-spin) meant that the amount of money going into the Harper fund each month varied massively from the original plan. Either way, with the light finally appearing at the end of the tunnel, my Type 6 (in parts) will soon be making its way over to the Harper Sports Cars factory to be completed. Then of course there will be the process of getting the car registered for use on the road and there we have it! One completed racecar for the road.

One of very few Harper Type 6’s in existence – in action on the track

On more careful consideration though, an open top, mid engined, V8 racecar, is perhaps not the most practical choice as your daily driver. So I will still need to look at getting myself a set of wheels. During the time my Jag has been out of the house, I have demonstrated that in fact, I don’t NEED a car. Which means that, if I buy a car, I can buy anything I like within budget. I don’t have to look at fuel economy, practicality, reliability or even seating space. The only factors I need to consider are what it will cost me to run the thing, and what kind of resale value it might have when I’m done with it.

The current favourite to fill this particular role is the BMW E85 Z4. They have already taken the majority of their depreciation knock, so I won’t lose too much money. They are also based on the BMW ‘Bread and butter’ 3-series, so parts are affordable and plentiful. They are really good looking roadsters that are loads of fun to drive, and provided I can find one with the 3.0l engine AND crucially, a manual gearbox, I may be persuaded to take the plunge back into BMW ownership. Watch this space to see what happens, and comment below if you think there’s something else or something better I should be considering.

I’m growing quite fond of this idea…

In other more exciting news, I have actually been keeping the blog fairly quiet on purpose. The reason being that another car blog, (not yet announced so I can’t say which one) has asked me to start writing a column for them. I love writing and I especially love writing about cars, and the idea that a blog that has very impressive numbers of followers wants me to write for them is a massive thrill and an honour, so I have to jump at this opportunity. What does this mean for Q on Cars? Well to be honest I’m not sure yet, I certainly don’t want to kill it off, but given the demands it puts on my time, I might be posting less often than I was before. At this stage it looks like Q on Cars may become my vehicle for posting more in depth reviews of cars, with more geeky technical details that only really hardened petrol-heads would enjoy reading, but to be honest only time will tell. Like I said, I feel like being asked to write for another site is a huge honour, and I would have to abide by their wishes in avoiding overlap between this page and theirs. So I would have to really focus my blog towards a different audience. Maybe leave your comments below on what you think I should do with this site; more focused technical reviews or general rantings about motoring in SA? After all, no point in me writing all this if both of you aren’t going to read it!

What does the future hold for Q on Cars?

Finally – this brings me to my little request for all my friends out there in the real world. I’m looking for cars to review on the site! I don’t care if it’s new or old, the flashiest Ferrari or some old hooptie you rescued from a scrapyard – I want to review YOUR car. Despite my many requests to the elders of the internet, simply being a blogger does not qualify me for Press Credentials, which makes it hard to convince dealers to allow you to simply test drive their cars. So please – if you want to know what I think of your car, and you’re brave enough to hear it, get in touch and let me check out your wheels!



* If you don’t know what a Harper Type 6 is, check out their website for more info.

** My Jag was sold by the very helpful people at Road And Race in Muizenberg. Their commission was very reasonable and they made a genuine effort to get me the best price for my car. The sale went without a hitch and the money was in my account as soon as they had it from the buyer.

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